From Bologna to London
The second London Art Expo by Galleria Farini


1-8 October

North End Road
W14 9NU


After the incredible success of the first London expo event, happened in June 2018, Galleria Farini Concept returns with a new event at the Arthill Gallery.

A return, in this gallery space that has become so familiar, in this unique and prestigious gallery, and this demonstrates how the linkage between Bologna and London is now so strong.

A connection that Galleria Farini renews through its second international event, presenting a significant group of artworks, paintings and sculptures, by Italian and international emerging artists; an accurate selection of high quality that will fill the spaces of Arthill Gallery from 1st to the 8th of October.

As we all well know, this period of the year is so important for the contemporary art market and for this reason Galleria Farini has decided to be present In London with its second 'chapter' and a double exhibit, taking its artists for an extra-Italy adventure, aiming to reach new public and collectors.

During the 7 days will be exhibited a master piece by the artist Mario Schifano, one of the most sought-after international artists

The opening is scheduled for the  1st of October  from 6pm at Arthill Gallery. The whole event and catalogue will be curated by Galleria Farini Concept.

Featuring Artists

Antal Yolanda 
Bonini Anna
Bulone Cinzia
Calì Clara 
Castaldi Flora
Cavallerin Sergio
Chiozza Silvana
Coppolino Aurora
Corso Marina
Cuscunà Giulia
De Biase Angela
Dudine Roberto
Durbano Irene 
Ejlli Alfred 
Elliot Miriam 
Fabbri Paola
Ferrari Aldo Pietro
Filippo Framatts
Fuzzi Gloria
Giordano Margherita
Gramantieri Stefano 
Grillo Paola

Kamila K

Loew Sylvia 
Marin Walter
Masciullo Concetta
Meler Wioletta Agnieszka
Messini Claudio 
Moiso Carla
Morara Anna Rita
Müller Chiara
Parola Francesca
Patti Rita
Prevedello Maria Carla
Righetti Fiorenza
Rivieccio Samantha

Sapienza Claudio

Scutari Anna
Soubelet Xabier
Takeda Akiko 
Telis Wolfango 
Valenti Michela
Veronese Sabrina
Zeno da Verona