From Bologna to London
The second London Art Expo by Galleria Farini


23-29 September


30 Tottenham Street

Galleria Farini is pleased to present its second event in London, the willingness to open ourselves to the international art scene continues, with the aim of establish the gallery reputation and introduce its artists to higher levels of recognition.

Following the incredible success of the first experience in June, this second Londoneer chapter written by this Gallery from Bologna takes place through an important double event.

The first event will be at the prestigious Coningsby Gallery, a unique exhibition space in the very heart of the British capital; here Galleria Farini will exhibit from 23rd to 29th of September an accurate selection of arworks made by Italian and international emerging artists. Various works that range from paintings to sculptures, from abstract to figurative art, giving to the public a wide vision of the artists' work. The linkage between London and Bologna is going forward, a serious twinning that opens a window on the London art market, a unique opportunity for the large group of artists of Galleria Farini.

During the 7 days will be exhibited a master piece by the artist Mario Schifano, one of the most sought-after international artists

The opening vernissage is scheduled for September 23rd from 6pm. 
The whole event and catalogue will be curated by Galleria Farini Concept.

Featuring Artists

Avoni Maria Grazia

Battistelli Simona

Bologna Monica

Bulone Cinzia

Castex Janine

Casoni Clara

Dudine Roberto

Falli Francesca

Gramantieri Stefano

Grisolia Maria Franca

Manfrin Maura

Manzini Fiorella

Marin Walter

Müller Chiara

Pigolotti Gino

Prandi Mauro

Prevedello Maria Carla

Rebuzzi Daniela

Righetti Fiorenza

Romano Dario

Takeda Akiko

Tardito Tiziana